Celebrities Wealthy Parents Bribe Elite Colleges to Admit Their Children

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Literally dozens of humans accept been answerable in an admissions bribery arrangement involving aristocratic colleges and affluent parents who capital to get their breed enrolled by any agency necessary, including bribes alignment from $200K to $6.5M.

Famous actors, academy coaches and university administrators will accept to acknowledgment to these accusations and added accuse assume acceptable to chase as assemblage are interviewed and suspects questioned. In one case, parents paid via a non-profit accumulation to allurement admins to acquiesce a third affair to yield tests on account of their children. The group, Key Worldwide Foundation, aswell is declared to accept bribed academy coaches and administrators to falsely baptize the applying acceptance as athletes, even if they were not athletes, in an attack to accord them an advantage.

In the individual better academy admissions betray anytime prosecuted by the Department of Justice, the parents who participated, added than 32 of them, were answerable with assorted counts of mail fraud. Prosecutors are aswell appear to be because charging the acceptance as well, admitting no acceptance accept yet been charged. Among the colleges active in the aspersion are Yale University, Stanford University and UT Austin.


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