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University of Oxford

One of the oldest and a lot of celebrated universities in the world, the University of Oxford attracts top advisers and acceptance to its 44 colleges and halls. Entry standards are top and acceptance is competitive; on average, it receives 5 applications for anniversary accessible place.

As is accepted in the UK, the university offers a amount of collective honours programmes that amalgamate two capacity at undergraduate level. In total, there are 250 undergraduate amount combinations. The aggregate of philosophy, backroom and economics is a decidedly celebrated amount advance on offer, although it is no best different to the University of Oxford.

Undergraduates and postgraduates accord to a academy and generally reside in the academy architecture or college-owned accommodation. Social activity and recreational activities – such as rowing, cultural contest and societies – aswell circumduct about the college. Undergraduates are accomplished about alone by advisers in their college, while postgraduate acceptance are primarily served academically by a centralised faculty.

There are added than 100 libraries at Oxford, the a lot of acclaimed of which is the Bodleian, congenital in 1602. The city-limits aswell boasts a amount of museums, including the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, which houses the charcoal of a dodo, and the Museum of the History of Science, which displays a blackboard acclimated by Albert Einstein.

More than 30 apple leaders, 27 British prime ministers, 29 Nobel Laureates and 160 Olympic medallists were accomplished at Oxford. Stephen Hawking, Hugh Grant and Indira Gandhi are a part of the a lot of acclaimed alumni.

University of Cambridge

Like Oxford, the University of Cambridge is fundamentally bookish and is aswell one of the oldest and a lot of celebrated universities in the world. The boondocks is just an hour abroad from London.

The university is home to added than 18,000 accepting and 9,000 staff. There are 31 colleges, some of which date aback to the 13th century, and added than 100 bookish departments.

Cambridge is decidedly acclaimed for arete in mathematics and has accomplished some of the a lot of acclaimed British scientists. In total, 116 Nobel Laureates are affiliated with the university, and Cambridge-affiliated mathematicians accept won 11 Fields Medals.

Getting an undergraduate abode at the university is acutely competitive; the accepting amount is beneath than 25 per cent and added than bisected of alone candidates go on to accept A grades for all their final academy exams.

Undergraduates are accomplished via lectures and supervisions – affectionate tutorials with alone a brace of added accepting at most. The workload is abundant but agreement are beneath than at abounding added universities in the UK.

Cambridge libraries are home to all-encompassing collections of medieval manuscripts and the university museums affectation collections of archaeological artefacts and zoological specimens.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is consistently ranked a part of the best universities in the apple for science, technology, engineering, anesthetic and business.

It was formed in 1907 from a alliance of three colleges in London and now has 15,200 acceptance and 8,000 staff. The apprentice accomplice is acutely all-embracing and is fabricated up of added than 125 nationalities.

In accession to top scientists, Fields medallists and Nobel prizewinners, Imperial aswell produces affecting government admiral and policymakers. Many graduates go on to accomplish advance innovations in industry and business, and are awful approved afterwards by baddest companies and start-ups.

Imperial is based next to Kensington Palace in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, with added campuses about the city.


University College London (UCL) was the aboriginal university in England to accept acceptance irrespective of class, chase or religion, and the aboriginal to accept women on according agreement with men, afterward the educational aesthetics of Jeremy Bentham – the university’s “spiritual founder”.

It is one of the a lot of careful British universities and is anticipation to aftermath some of the a lot of attainable graduates.

UCL’s capital campus is in the axial London breadth of Bloomsbury.

For undergraduate admission, candidates about accept all A grades at A akin or a brand agnate of 6, 6, 6 in capacity advised at college akin in the International Baccalaureate. The a lot of aggressive amount is the BSc in philosophy, backroom and economics, which receives 30 applicants for every place.

Close to bisected of all UCL acceptance are from alfresco the UK, with decidedly added from Asia than from continental Europe. Famous alumni cover Mahatma Gandhi; Alexander Graham Bell, the artist of the telephone; and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who met the added associates of his bandage at the university.

London School of Economics and Political Science

Of all UK universities, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has the accomplished admeasurement of all-embracing students, at 70 per cent.

The university has accurate strengths in law, economics, history, aesthetics and politics. Currently, 26 per cent of all Nobel prizes for economics were awarded to alumni or affiliates of the LSE. Famously, bread-and-butter theorists at the LSE accept continued acknowledged with theorists at Cambridge, decidedly over solutions to bread-and-butter problems in society.

LSE’s campus is in the Clare Market area, abutting to important institutions such as the Royal Courts of Justice, Lincoln’s Inn, the Royal College of Surgeons and the British Museum.

In 2014, the university accustomed 17,000 undergraduate applications for 1,500 places. Like added top universities in the UK, the LSE about requires access standards of A grades or higher.

Many of the postgraduate courses, such as in those in economics, administration and law, accept an accepting amount of beneath than 7 per cent.

Prominent cultural, political and bookish figures, including Nelson Mandela and George Soros, accept accustomed accessible lectures at the LSE as allotment of the university’s celebrated address series.

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